Blog#2 About Lab#4

I enjoyed this project. Talking and spending time with people that have immigrated to the united states from other countries is exciting. To learn about other cultures, and their beliefs about how they raise their children, and the food from their country is also interesting to me.

Clawson, Michigan is a small town. I live in Clawson, and raised my son in Clawson. When my son was in school, he had a lot of friends who came from homes with parents from other countries. I loved the diverse feel to the neighborhood. There were parents from Germany, Scotland, England, Poland, and Mexico, just to name a few. My sons father is from Mexico, so my son being around families from other cultures was a good learning experience for him. My son grew up, and went to school with John Chisholm’s daughter Patricia. 

I did not have any real issues with this assignment. Although I feel that I took good pictures to represent the story telling of the person I interviewed, it would have been nice to get more pictures of different outside interests that he had.

John and his family are good people, with strong interests in diversity for the neighborhood. They have an annual diversity party, where friends and neighbors from other countries gather at their home to share a dish from their culture. It would have been nice to talk more about this event, I did include a picture about this subject.

One challenge I did have, was to write my lab in only 200 words. John is a very interesting and unique person, and has had a very interesting life. Our interview was over three hours long, so it was hard to write all about that in 200 words.  It was hard not to write 500 words about his life, which I actually did in my first draft.

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