Blog #3 Lab#5

The process of editing and publishing my audio story was very challenging. I spent a lot of time at the library getting help from Technology Services.

I would have felt more comfortable, if more time was spent in class explaining, Audacity, iMovie, SoundCloud and Anchor. I also would have liked more time to complete my audio story, because I spent so much time just actually learning the audio process. I lost a lot of my information, so I had to work with what I had. I lost my intro and ending music three times, I gave up. I lost one of my audio recordings, I gave up, worked with what I had.

It was not difficult to explain my concept in my audio story. I enjoyed doing research for it. I also enjoyed talking to various people who have immigrated to Michigan.

What I learned from my audio story, is the process people go through when they do a podcast. With all of the interviewing and editing, it is very time consuming. This also makes me feel more appreciative when I listen to a podcast series, because now I know the hard work that they put into their podcast episodes.

What I would do differently, is ask for more time to complete my audio story. The one thing I would do better, is include photos. Even though it is an audio story, I think pictures would be nice for the listener to look at, this way they would have available both visual and audio elements to the story. Another thing I would do different, is have better quality audio tapes, mine is definitely not up to my standards for quality work.

Also, I have asked at least ten people at the library to show me the process of a “hyper-link” Not one of them knew what I was talking about.

All in all, I liked this project, I just need more practice on the audio editing portion of it.

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