Blog # 4 Lab 6

Unfortunately, I was not able to do Lab # 6. The person I had lined up for an interview for immigration and my five shot video had to cancel at the last minute. The opportunity I had to do Lab #6 in class was also not achievable, because I was not feeling well and not in class.

I’m disappointed, because I really needed to learn hands on the process of publishing and editing more in depth. I did do a few editing and publishing assignments, But using the five shot rule with the assignment would have been a big help. Most of my editing and publishing have been with photos.

I did do one video, but that was not for this class. I would have liked to shoot different shots, wide, medium, close-up, etc….with a partner.

Using iMovie or Adobe Premiere, is challenging to me. It takes me a lot of time to figure out anything to do with publishing a video. Having more experience with voice over, B-roll, and interview clips with a partner in class would have been very helpful.

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