Blog # 5 Lab 7

I did not originally do Lab #2, I was paired with Jacob and Jada for Lab # 7. Although I understand the crowdsourcing that was done for this project, I feel there is more than a chart with data and percentages that come into play here.

Single parent household information, would be more accurate if done on a case by case basis. Facebook, Snap-chat and Instagram are a good start for opinions, but talking to people individually in person would be a good component for this subject.

I understand this project is about data and charts, but more information would add to the understanding of the subject. Taking into consideration the subjects of abuse, parents work schedules, and any other personal information about the parents, would change opinions of Facebook, Snap-Chat and Instagram responses of people.

Depending on the subject, crowdsourcing with just data could be questionable. So my thinking is, would using a data website for the subject of single parents be accurate if you knew the whole story for each individual family?

Data collecting is good for research, but using it with more personal information on the subject of single parent households, would be more accurate.

The data chart and opinions of people on Facebook, Snap-Chat and Instagram are not the whole story of how these figures ended up on the charts. This is just basically data collected for Government websites.

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