Lab # 7 Single Parent Households

Why do mothers have a higher percentage of taking custody of their children upon separation of the fathers? According to

Our crowdsourcing produced 23 answers across 3 forms of social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram) and the feedback we gathered was very consistent. Of the 23 responses we got, 18 of them said that the mother should get the children because mother’s are typically more caring, patient, nurturing, and have better qualities and instincts when raising children. Therefore a whopping 78% agreed that the mother was the better parent to raise the children.
Meanwhile just 5 of the responses we got, or simply 21%, said that they thought the father would be the better caregiver as a single parent. Though some of the responses did leave room for leeway when deciding this, as some responses mentioned that it can be a case-by-case basis of who the better parent is.

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