Final Reflection Blog

I really enjoyed this class. The media skills that I learned were time consuming, but I still enjoyed the time I spent doing them. The Oakland University Library Technology Services was very helpful to me the entire semester. My computer and editing skills are weak, and the library made it comfortable for me in case I needed assistance while I was doing my projects.

I would still like to do more with areas such as downloading videos, photographs and editing audio recordings and videos. I believe these skills would strengthen when the more I do them, the more comfortable and knowledgeable I will become.

My favorite part was interviewing people. The subject of immigration and the people I interviewed, was very interesting and enlightening to me. I interviewed people who immigrated from Italy, Scotland, England, Germany, Mexico, and South Africa.

I discovered a wealth of information from the people I interviewed who immigrated to the United States. One thing I found interesting, was all of the people I interviewed had one thing in common that they missed about the country they came from. They all missed the Food!!! They talked about when they immigrated to the United States, they discovered the food was so different then the food from their country. One day, I would like to do a large extensive project on this subject: Immigrants and the Food from their Country.

Lab # 3 was my favorite project. Going back to the neighborhood I grew up in was fun. I enjoyed taking pictures in the neighborhood, it brought back a lot of fond memories. I discovered I forgot so much through the years about my past, and the things that are important to me.

Doing this project, brought back so many memories of my childhood, such as my father and grandfather. Sometimes I think as we are living our life, we forget what is most important. Doing Lab # 3, made me realize my heritage and family, are what matters most. The photographs I took for Lab # 3 were fun. Some of them are of historical content, which is really cool!

Lab # 4 was very educational for me. This was the Lab that I learned how to do an audio interview. All of the functions of the Multi-Media class came into play here. I had to use all of my skills for journalism, technology and multi-media. Although I was nervous and this was my first interview, I discovered this might be something I would like to do in the future, on a broader level.

Interviewing people on immigrating to the United States is very personal. It is information you could never get from a book, or the internet. The personal level of their information is heartwarming, educational, and interesting all at the same time.

I really enjoyed doing my “Simple Digital Story.” Although it was time consuming, it was one of my favorite projects on immigration. Antonia Morabito is a very unique and interesting person. The wealth of information she shared about immigration was amazing.

The Director at LASED called me at the last minute before my project was due. She wanted to meet with me to see my project, including pictures before I published it. This was unexpected. All and all, it was a very good meeting. She was pleased with what I had, I did not have to change anything. She explained to me that she wanted to keep the integrity of LASED and the people in the Senior and Youth Centers privacy intact if needed.

My behavior towards immigrants has not changed. Doing my “Simple Digital Story” opened my mind to volunteering my time more often. The work that Antonia Morabito and everyone at LASED does is wonderful. The rich heritage of the Hispanic community is heartwarming. Without a lot of money or resources, everyone at LASED is friendly and upbeat regardless.

This was a challenging project, because there were certain rules I had to follow as directed by LASED. In the future, I would love to do more projects at LASED with the supervision of Antonia Morabito and the entire staff.

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